Frequently Asked Questions

About ownable

How does it work?


Take a look around at some of the great items here. If you like one or a few of them, add them to your cart.

When you go to checkout, you can become an ownable member and get those items and more (up to your initial rental cap - let me know if you need help finding this!) shipped to you quickly.

You'll be able to own the item forever within 6 months, or can stop your payments and return the item. Members also get great benefits like free shipping, extended warranties and easy payments.

How do I sign up for Ownable?


1. Sign up to be an Ownable member by clicking “Sign Up” in the top right corner of the page.

2. If you’re on the How It Works page, click the Become A Member button.

3. Send us an email at We’ll be more than happy to help get you set up directly.

What is required to have an Ownable account?


Ownable members must:

1. Be 18 years or older, as you may be required to sign a contract in your state.

2. Have a steady source of income and a valid debit or credit card to be used for current and on-going payments. Pre-paid debit cards and gift cards do not meet this threshold.

3. Provide your full name, email address, home address, phone number, date of birth, and social security number, as well as information about your monthly income to help us verify your identity.

Is there any interest or hidden fees associated with Ownable rentals?


No! We are very clear about our pricing. What you see under the item is what you pay when you get it. We do not add fees. We do not raise the price once you’ve started renting it. What you see is what you pay. You will only pay us your product payments every two weeks until it’s yours forever.

How do I pay?


Every two weeks, your payments will be automatically withdrawn using the payment method you chose until you own the item or do not renew to the next rental period.

If you rent an additional item, the payment date will align with your first purchase.

How do you figure out how much I can rent?


Your Rental Capacity is based off your income and your ability to make payments.

Will you check my score with a consumer reporting agency?


When you first create an ownable account, we may perform a check to help verify your identity and determine your eligibility.

BUT our services will NOT affect your credit score since we don't run a credit check with the three major bureaus. We are looking into reporting back to credit bureaus so your rentals will help build your credit!

We think having a steady income is more important than perfect credit.

Does Ownable report to consumer reporting agencies?


Yes, we may report your rental payment history.

Is my personal information secure with Ownable?


We attempt to maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your information in conformity with reasonable industry standards. You can read more about our Privacy Policy.

Is there a customer service number/can i call?


Communicating by this chat or via email at works great. This way if another person helps you out in the future they can see where you left off.

Rent with ownable

How do I rent with Ownable?


Just start shopping! Pick out item(s) that are within your Rental Capacity and head to check out. You can become a member at that time. Members can rent items for up to 6 months at no additional cost and own them forever at the end of that period. You can also skip membership and buy the item at full price at that moment.

How can I increase my rental cap?


We're working on a way to increase rental caps once you pay off your first rent-to-own item!

​If the item you would like is outside of your rental cap, you can pay the difference at checkout!

How does my Rental Cap work?


Let’s take a $500 Rental Cap for example - The $500 is how much you can rent from us.

So if you rent to own an Apple watch, around $300, you would still have $200 left you could rent additional items with.

After you pay off the $300 apple watch, in 6 months, that total amount will go back into your cap & you would have $500 rental cap again.

If an item is $550 you could just pay the $50 difference at checkout.

Is there an order minimum?


We do have a $200 order minimum.

What do I do if my product arrived damaged or is not working?


We honor all manufacturer warranties and will pass the benefits along to you. All items are different, so feel free to email customer service at when an issue arises. We will work with you immediately and do what we can to solve the problem. Under your state’s rental law, we may be required to replace the item at no cost to you under certain circumstances.

What if I no longer want to rent my item?


You can return your items at the end of any rental period. You are only required to pay for the initial period. If the item is defective and falls under all applicable laws, we will replace or repair the item. If you rent the goods for at least the initial term (length depends on the state you reside in) and you give us proper notice, make your rental payments for the time you used the item, and return the item in good condition, the Lease ends. Other than the initial period and any months you chose to keep the item, you have no further obligation to us.

Does my item come with a warranty?


Ownable honors the product’s manufacturers warranty and automatically cover everything according to the mfg warranty for anything wrong with the product due to manufacturer’s defect. We also adhere to state laws requiring additional repairs or replacements.

Why is my account under review?


Your account could be under review for a number of reasons:

1. We cannot offer you a rental cap at this time

2. A payment is past due. If you had a past due payment your account will stay flagged until you make your next four payments on time.

3. You reported a missing item. If you had a missing item, your account will stay flagged until you make two additional payments on the item.

4. There are multiple accounts created at the same address or multiple attempts to create accounts at the same address.

5. Any activity we find suspicious.

Does my product come with Applecare?


Since we're partnered with Best Buy we follow what they do. Here is a link to everything you need to know about how we handle Applecare.

Who is the carrier for shipments?


Best Buy typically ships with FedEx, UPS, or USPS.

How long does shipping take?


Items typically ship out in about 3-5 days after checkout, sometimes less and sometimes more depending on the product!

Paying for your items and membership

How do I pay my for my items?


Add a credit or debit card to your account. Your first payment (1/13th of the product price) will come out at checkout. Then starting 2 weeks later, your payments will be automatically withdrawn every 2 weeks from the bank account your debit card is attached to, until you either own the item in 6 months, or decide to stop renting it and return it. If you are NOT a member and are paying for your item in full at checkout, you card will be charged at the time of purchase.

Will you send me billing reminders?


Yes, Ownable will send you email notifications to remind you of upcoming payments. You can also check the Payment Calendar at any time to see upcoming payments and totals.

When are my payments?


Your payments will be taken out from your account automatically every two weeks from your purchase date, unless you decide not to renew by returning the item to us. You also have the right to return any rental item at any time before your 13th and final payment and make no more payments on the item.

What if I need more time to make my payment?


If you are having trouble with your payments, but want to continue renting the item, then please reach out to Ownable and we will try our best to work with you to come up with a renewal payment solution to help. You are also permitted to return the item at any time with no obligation to pay after the initial rental period.

I'm having trouble logging in to my account.


This typically happens if you created your account by signing up by clicking the social login options or clicking the google login option & now you're trying to type in the info.

Could you try signing in with the original message? Or could if be under a different email? Let me know if that doesn't work!

How can I cancel membership


Since there are no membership costs we don’t really cancel you just don’t need to shop with us!

How do I return/stop a rental?


If the item stops working while in your possession, you can contact the manufacturer directly to access their parts and replacement warranty. If you no longer want your product, you can return it at any time! You're only required to pay for the period you rented the item for.

To start a return, please click ”Return” on your orders page and fill out the required information. We will send you a prepaid return label to send the item back directly to us. Once you send it back and we confirm the item is in good condition, the lease ends.

My item is marked delivered but I never got it?


I’m sorry to hear about the missing item! Could you please check with your neighbors or your front desk if you live in an apartment building?

If you cannot find it we can open a claim with Best Buy if you report the item missing within 48 hours after you receive the delivery confirmation. If you do not report it within this time period you will need to make all of the necessary payments.

Claims take up to 5 days. Let us know if you would like us to proceed.

My product arrived broken


I'm sorry to hear that! If the item doesn't work you can check out the manufacturer guarantee warranty and they should be able to help you right away or you can initiate a replacement by clicking "Return" on the Orders page of your account.

We can send you a return label & once we receive the broken one back we can send you a new one.

Now that most of our orders are fulfilled by Best Buy we can also send you their order number so you can get a replacement in store!

Why won't ownable take my card?


I'm sorry to hear the payment didn't go through. You can update your card by going to Account > Payment Info. Please make sure the card is not a prepaid card & that the address on the card matches the address you used to sign up for ownable. Once you update the card let us know.

Why can't I get a membership?


I'm sorry for the inconvenience but it looks like we cannot give you a rental cap at this time. We can’t communicate sensitive personal information about your application through a chat session. If you would like to me put in an inquiry to get you more information please email

Shipping and delivery

Why won't it accept my shipping address?


We do not ship to PO boxes and they address you ship to must be to a state we are live in.