Greetings from our CEO

Welcome to ownable! We can’t wait to get great things delivered to your family that you can own and enjoy forever.

Growing up working for my family’s furniture company, I always loved that moment when people found what they wanted and knew it would be something they could enjoy for years. I was lucky enough to be able to take over that family business and grow it to where it was serving a few million people around the country. That company, and other companies after that, were guided by a strong set of values – to make it simple and make sure people loved working with us.

I got to know so many people who worked incredibly hard for a living but found out that the things they most needed – TVs, laptops, electronics, appliances – were just out of reach. We knew they worked hard and would pay their bills. Could we build another company that could help?

All this experience has led up to the launch of ownable. This company combines our years of experience and a mission to deliver solutions for people who might not be able to, but want to buy things all at once. Our team is totally committed to service and inspired every day by the chance to help you.

We hope you enjoy ownable and can’t wait to get to know you better!


Josh Verne