Greetings from our ownable family!

Welcome to ownable. We can’t wait to help you pick great new things for your family that you can either pick up directly in store at one of our retail partners or get delivered in days. In both cases, everything is just a few dollars a day and you get to own the items forever in just a few months.

We launched ownable years with one core mission and one core objective. Our mission was to make sure so many people who worked hard for a living could get the things they most need to stay connected in life - TVs, laptops, electronics, appliances - not in already used condition from some secondhand store but brand new from brand name places they knew and could trust.

Our core objective was to make everything as quick, easy and seamless as possible. It takes just a few steps to apply for and get a rental cap. It takes just a few clicks more to be able to get great items in your basket, sign your rental agreement and be on the way to owning it forever.

Ownable takes the first two-week rental payment for a few dollars now and then you get your item to enjoy with your family. It’s then yours to keep forever after you complete your rental with no pay-off charges or expensive “buy outs” that you might see other places.

We are so happy that our customers are so happy. We had hundreds of customers within weeks of launching. In all the years that followed, we expanded to over 34 states and serve so many great families each day. We look forward to helping your family, too!